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Nutrition Strategists

Healthfriend offers corporate nutrition consultancy and personal nutritional therapy.

We keenly advocate intelligent mindful eating habits and the practice of “Plant Based” nourishment. Our nutrition solutions are associated with following balanced whole food nutrient dense meals, the established effects of which provide positive health-giving benefits.

 We seek to promote wise eating choices and healthy nutritional habits within the community for sustainable wellness and a enhanced quality of life through nutrition workshops and seminars that bust common food myths.

 Healthfriend is a social enterprise and ploughs back a part of the profits generated into the local community, through various charities.

Healthfriend was founded by Mayura Mohta a Singapore based nutrition consultant and coauthour of the ‘Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook ‘.She is a qualified fitness and wellness coach and has an academic background in biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional science. She believes in prevention and reversal of disease through a plant based diet.




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